August 25, marked the close of our #MooseAWish campaign with our last Moose Run.

We ended with a total Moose count of 779


an amazing $6135 in Make-A-Wish donations

When we started our #BringEgontoLegion campaign, we had no clue what to expect.  We wanted our friend in the game with us and we were (and still are) very determined to get Blizzard's attention.  After we announced our intentions, we had an overwhelming response from the Warcraft community. A sticky on the front page of Reddit got the attention of Panser at Wowhead Weekly who talked about what we were doing in her Podcast and #MooseAWish began to snowball.  We were then contacted by Dravvie and Tarcanus with LFRP for an interview.  We had Booster t-shirt sales, a Make-A-Wish campaign in Egon's memory, two weeks of Free Heroic Archi kills and even got the attention of Robert Kazinsky (Orgrim Doomhammer, Warcraft) who retweeted for us.

We initially started with a Make-A-Wish goal of $500.  Boy, did we underestimate.  At the close of #MooseAWish 1.0 we had $5603.84 in Make-A-Wish donations and a Moose count of 662.  Our #MooseAWish 2.0 ended lastnight with an additional $531.16 in Make-A-Wish donations and a Moose count of 117.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who participated in #MooseAWish and please keep tweeting and pestering the Blizzard Devs with #BringEgontoLegion.  We want Egon there with us and we are not giving up.

Donations can still be made using the link below

Donations for #BringEgontoLegion

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